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Supporting innovation across NHS Scotland

Innovating Together

Ground-breaking ideas are in our nation’s DNA. Some of the world’s most important medical discoveries have been made by Scots – from the introduction of the hypodermic syringe to the identification of the mosquito as the carrier of malaria, and the discovery of penicillin. While medical techniques and devices including ultrasound scanning and MRI were developed here.

Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) harness this rich natural wellspring of talent to foster a sustained spirit of innovation across Scotland.

Our strategy, Innovating Together, underlines how we do that.

A progressive five-year strategy, it is set around four strategic commitments:

  • a connected, collaborative community
  • harnessing expertise for optimal innovation
  • accelerating a better healthcare future
  • delivering real value from healthcare innovation

It details how we harness entrepreneurial talent across Scotland to accelerate impactful healthcare innovations that make a positive difference to health, social and economic outcomes; and outlines our ambitions to sit at the heart of a collaborative, entrepreneurial Scotland.

Our strategy is set against a backdrop of significant transformation across NHS Scotland. SHIL has been a significant part of the COVID response – assessing innovative ideas, providing expert intellectual property and regulatory advice, and encouraging health professionals to submit ground-breaking ideas through dedicated COVID-19 funding calls.

The NHS is now a different environment. Collaboration is ever more critical and the need to accelerate innovation by rapidly coordinating work that can benefit Scotland’s health and wellbeing priorities has taken on a new imperative.

“Fundamentally, it’s about solving real problems in the NHS and social care, and delivering innovation at scale, while creating jobs and fresh opportunity."
Graham Watson, Executive Chairman, Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL)